About Me

I live with my wonderful wife Rachel and our two dogs in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. I sing in the Westminster Community Choir and volunteer as a refugee mentor with Catholic Community Services and Big Brothers Big Sisters, and train with my local CERT.

My Professional Journey

Full details at LinkedIn or my resume (updated October 2017).

In 2012 after 8 years of professional software development, I felt trapped. I was fast becoming the last engineer on an end-of-life product. I faced the prospect of difficult support work and no escape. Eight years into my career and already the best seemed behind me.

I set specific career goals and started working toward them. I enrolled in an Executive MBA program to gain business knowledge and a deeper appreciate of leadership. With newfound skills and confidence, I changed jobs and achieved my first true management role.

As of 2017 I have been a lead architect on a major project for 4 years. I have helped the team grow from 30 to 100 people and multiple products. My leadership journey continues!

I collect specific mentoring lessons into a series of posts called Notes to a New Engineer.


I am available as a speaker on a variety of leadership and career topics. Past presentations have ranged from 10 minutes to multiple hours on technical and non-technical topics. For most audiences I do not ask for payment.

I am interested in business consulting, teaching, and other engagements.