About Me

I am happily employed at Cerner but spend a good deal of my off-hours working on my wife’s startup ArtsFuse.

My Professional Journey

Three years ago I realized I needed to change the direction of my career. I was fast becoming the last engineer on an end-of-life product. I faced the prospect of difficult support work and no escape. Eight years into my career and already the best seemed behind me.

That was the start of Carl 2.0 – the decision to focus explicitly on becoming a leader and manager by honing my non-technical skills. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

Today I confidently lead a team of software engineers and my career is on the upswing. In an organization that demands high-quality work orchestrated across many teams, I am succeeding and thriving.

In 2015 I refocused the content of my personal website, uncommonguy.com, on sharing the lessons I have learned, my thoughts on becoming a better leader, and advice I give to new engineers as they learn their trade. I hope to collect the materials into a book to share it.


I am available as a speaker on a variety of leadership and career topics. Past presentations have ranged from 10 minutes to multiple hours on technical and non-technical topics. For most audiences I do not ask for payment.

I am interested in business consulting, teaching, and other engagements. Feel free to contact me, but realize my time is limited and I cannot say yes to everything.


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