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About Carl Kibler

Carl has led software projects for large and small companies and worked around the world. He is turning the lessons learned mentoring other engineers into content called "Notes to a New Engineer", among other projects.

Dynamic Chatbot Logic

I am working on a chatbot platform built on the idea that a working bot can be defined in a single line of text. It handles everything needed for a full-featured chatbot and can deploy bots on (almost) any cloud platform. The platform (it's not named yet) automatically: Provisions a phone number with Twilio Connect… Read More »

Bots I Have Built

I have been building chatbots for a few years and thought I would document some of them and their evolution over time. TYMS (Track Your Mental State) TYMS v1 – Built with, saved to CSV file TYMS v2 – Django, running on Heroku. Used an event-queue style where incoming SMS were saved and triggered… Read More »

Bedroom Bench

Refinishing furniture has become a sort of meditation for me. After finishing the art deco blanket chest and piano tables I repainted a small bench I made some years ago. I made this out of garage scraps of 2×4 boards, utility carpet. We needed an intermediate stair next to the bed for our dogs to… Read More »

Art Deco Blanket Box

Inspired by a set design of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the Utah Shakespeare Festival in 2017, I finished a wood chest into a 1920s Art Deco theme of green marble and gold inlays. The full album and more commentary is available in an album in Google Photos: Art Deco Blanket Chest Steps

The Death of PullString Author

I’m disappointed by the ending of PullString Author as a product. It was a unique program in the chatbot landscape. Author was usable by non-programers and testable without installing anything additional. Their blog post on their “Voice-First Future” Does anyone know of a similarly powerful GUI application? The others I’ve tried were laughably clumsy and… Read More »