Dynamic Chatbot Logic

I am working on a chatbot platform built on the idea that a working bot can be defined in a single line of text. It handles everything needed for a full-featured chatbot and can deploy bots on (almost) any cloud platform. The platform (it's not named yet) automatically: Provisions a phone number with Twilio Connect… Read More »

Bots I Have Built

I have been building chatbots for a few years and thought I would document some of them and their evolution over time. TYMS (Track Your Mental State) TYMS v1 – Built with bottle.py, saved to CSV file TYMS v2 – Django, running on Heroku. Used an event-queue style where incoming SMS were saved and triggered… Read More »

Bedroom Bench

Refinishing furniture has become a sort of meditation for me. After finishing the art deco blanket chest and piano tables I repainted a small bench I made some years ago. I made this out of garage scraps of 2×4 boards, utility carpet. We needed an intermediate stair next to the bed for our dogs to… Read More »

Art Deco Blanket Box

Inspired by a set design of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the Utah Shakespeare Festival in 2017, I finished a wood chest into a 1920s Art Deco theme of green marble and gold inlays. The full album and more commentary is available in an album in Google Photos: Art Deco Blanket Chest Steps

The Death of PullString Author

I’m disappointed by the ending of PullString Author as a product. It was a unique program in the chatbot landscape. Author was usable by non-programers and testable without installing anything additional. Their blog post on their “Voice-First Future” Does anyone know of a similarly powerful GUI application? The others I’ve tried were laughably clumsy and… Read More »