Remember the Patient

In Healthcare IT we are often focused on the internal aspects of running large Healthcare System. We focus on the operations at a clinic level. We focus on the EMR interface for providers and staff. We think about Meaningful Use, claims, and government incentive programs. We focus a lot on ourselves and often forget the… Read More »

Optimizing a Dockerfile to reduce layers and size

While converting the primary application I work on to Docker I went through a series of steps to reduce layers and final image size. Here is the process and results: Get the Dockerfile working Use Docker tools to understand what was built (layers, size, image tree) Progressively refine the Dockerfiles 1. Get the Dockerfile working… Read More »

Docker disk space usage

Something to watch out for: Docker may be using lots of your computer’s disk space. All data is written to a grow-only file. On my mac it was at 27 GB from pretty light Docker experimentation. There is a discussion thread here: Where does Docker keep images/containers so I can better track my disk usage.… Read More »

The Stages of Being an Engineer

On a recent project I was reminded of the different stages of problem solving an engineer goes through during a career or project. Capability grows over one’s career, but it varies a lot per project. A relatively new engineer can be the domain expert on a project but inexperienced as an engineer compared to other… Read More »

Large Company Rules

Observed laws within large companies: this applies to all large well-established bureaucracies Over time, all processes are adjusted to create 100% predictable cash flow accounting A process and policy is created for every rule violation, increasing policy burden for all employees* Processes are never re-evaluated against the cost of not having a formal process *… Read More »

There is no magic

Lesson: An experienced engineer makes better guesses and checks them faster than a new engineer, letting them find a problem faster. There is no magic or special ability they possess, and with effort you can reach the same quickness. An engineer came to me for help today. She was unsure how to fix a defect… Read More »