Remember the Patient

In Healthcare IT we are often focused on the internal aspects of running large Healthcare System. We focus on the operations at a clinic level. We focus on the EMR interface for providers and staff. We think about Meaningful Use, claims, and government incentive programs. We focus a lot on ourselves and often forget the… Read More »

Optimizing a Dockerfile to reduce layers and size

While converting the primary application I work on to Docker I went through a series of steps to reduce layers and final image size. Here is the process and results: Get the Dockerfile working Use Docker tools to understand what was built (layers, size, image tree) Progressively refine the Dockerfiles 1. Get the Dockerfile working… Read More »

Docker disk space usage

Something to watch out for: Docker may be using lots of your computer’s disk space. All data is written to a grow-only file. On my mac it was at 27 GB from pretty light Docker experimentation. There is a discussion thread here: Where does Docker keep images/containers so I can better track my disk usage.… Read More »

The Stages of Being an Engineer

  Part of the Notes to a New Engineer series On a recent project I was reminded of the different stages of problem solving an engineer goes through during a career or project. Capability grows over one’s career, but it varies a lot per project. A relatively new engineer can be the domain expert on… Read More »

Large Company Rules

Observed laws within large companies: this applies to all large well-established bureaucracies Over time, all processes are adjusted to create 100% predictable cash flow accounting A process and policy is created for every rule violation, increasing policy burden for all employees* Processes are never re-evaluated against the cost of not having a formal process *… Read More »

There is no magic

Part of the Notes to a New Engineer series Lesson: An experienced engineer makes better guesses and checks them faster than a new engineer, letting them find a problem faster. There is no magic or special ability they possess, and with effort you can reach the same quickness. An engineer came to me for help… Read More »

Notes to a New Engineer – Kickoff

Part of the Notes to a New Engineer series I am starting a series of posts based on the mentoring I do for new engineers. When mentoring engineers it is important to teach both specific skills, problem solving, and mental models. The first two are self-explanatory evolutions of the basic skills of engineering. By “mental… Read More »