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Dynamic Chatbot Logic

I am working on a chatbot platform built on the idea that a working bot can be defined in a single line of text. It handles everything needed for a full-featured chatbot and can deploy bots on (almost) any cloud platform. The platform (it's not named yet) automatically: Provisions a phone number with Twilio Connect… Read More »

Bots I Have Built

I have been building chatbots for a few years and thought I would document some of them and their evolution over time. TYMS (Track Your Mental State) TYMS v1 – Built with, saved to CSV file TYMS v2 – Django, running on Heroku. Used an event-queue style where incoming SMS were saved and triggered… Read More »

Optimizing a Dockerfile to reduce layers and size

While converting the primary application I work on to Docker I went through a series of steps to reduce layers and final image size. Here is the process and results: Get the Dockerfile working Use Docker tools to understand what was built (layers, size, image tree) Progressively refine the Dockerfiles 1. Get the Dockerfile working… Read More »

Docker disk space usage

Something to watch out for: Docker may be using lots of your computer’s disk space. All data is written to a grow-only file. On my mac it was at 27 GB from pretty light Docker experimentation. There is a discussion thread here: Where does Docker keep images/containers so I can better track my disk usage.… Read More »