created: Sun 09 August 2015; status: published;


ArtsFuse is a company dedicated to using technology to bring art into people's everyday lives. It was founded in 2014 by myself, Rachel Kibler, and Steve Wynne. We serve home users via streaming but our primary market is businesses. We can put custom art selections onto any TV to create vibrant decor. Any waiting room, lobby, event space, restaurant, or coffee shop can put up a few cheap TVs and use ArtsFuse to reinforce the desired mood and colors.

We built an art image management platform for artists that tracks royalties, licensing agreements, and user view activity.

Our user information that lets users build custom art galleries, use or edit prebuilt galleries based on artist, style, genre, or even color. Users can then display their galleries on any TV using a Chromecast or, in the future, smart device: TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.

We are currently on hiatus but hope to relaunch the platform in the near future.

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