Carl Kibler

I am a leader, entrepreneur, volunteer, and husband. My current work is leading a team on Cerner's HealtheLife Platform. I actively write about Ambient Healthcare and leadership in my blog. In the past I was part of a startup called ArtsFuse, which is shuttered for the time being.

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About Me

Contact info and bits of my personal and professional history.

Ambient Healthcare

A new healthcare strategy based on software helping humans to notice and act based on early diagnosis.

Notes to A New Engineer

Writings and speaking notes from years of helping new engineers into great engineers and leaders.

Portfolio / Projects

Professional works and personal projects include ArtsFuse and Cerner's HealtheLife platform.

Leadership Excellence

Materials that helped me grow into an effective leader.


Examples of Ambient Healthcare

Ambient healthcare is a strategy of triggering h...

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Thoughts about Ambient Healthcare

TLDR – Ambient Healthcare is my proposed...

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Remember the Patient

In Healthcare IT we are often focused on the int...

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