Notes to a New Engineer - Kickoff

created: Tue 16 December 2014; status: published;

Part of theNotes to a New Engineerseries

I am starting a series of posts based on the mentoring I do for new engineers. When mentoring engineers it is important to teach both specific skills, problem solving, and mental models. The first two are self-explanatory evolutions of the basic skills of engineering. By "mental models" I mean ways of framing a situation, such as from a customer point of view or a product manager view, which can help one think about the correct handling of a situation.

Some of these points are from my own thoughts and conversations but I don't own them nor are they wholly original to me. Some points come from my current and past managers who have helped me grow as a leader and engineer. Some are from materials and discussions from the MBA I completed last year. Some are from readings on the internet. To summarize: I don't own this knowledge. I am sharing it and I hope anyone who encounters it will share it as well and contribute comments, feedback, and other ideas.