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HealtheLife is the flagship product of Cerner's Consumer Engagement group. HealtheLife and sister projects are the "front door of healthcare" for thousands of healthcare organizations around the world.

I joined in 2013 as a Django contractor and was quickly hired directly as a software architect and team lead. My software team delivered major enhancements to patient-driven scheduling, integrating data from health trackers like FitBit and Garmin, handling credit card payments, and meeting Meaningful Use requirements. I helped hire and train the team as it grew from 30 to 100 people.

In 2015 I moved to Salt Lake City to run a complex and cutting-edge integration process with Intermountain Healthcare on the joint iCentra project. I led teams of local and remote engineers to migrate a host of custom capabilities into HealtheLife that integrated data from a 2nd EMR (Electronic Medical Record) into existing workflows.

In 2016, I was recognized for "Excellence in Mentoring" by Cerner. Mentoring is a passion for me. I began writing a "Notes To A New Engineer" post series from mentoring encounters with newer engineers.

Recently, my work is a complex mix of technical leadership, strategic planning, and client relationships.